Repertoire of the Masterskaya Theatre 

Mikhail Bulgakov

The Master and Margarita

A Performance of an Incomplete Novel in 4 Acts, 2 Shows, 155 Characters and 28 performers

Director – Grigory Kozlov


Valentin Rasputin

Live and Remember

Director – Grigory Kozlov


The Space Odyssey of Major Pronin

A Progressive Melodrama

Director and Playwright – Roman Gabria

Alexander Vampilov

Last Summer in Chulimsk

A drama in two acts

Director – Grigory Kozlov


Alexander Chervinsky

My Happiness

The story of an encounter

Director – Andrei Gorbaty



Director – Maria Romanova


Lines and Turns


Director: Evgeny Ibragimov




Director: Grigory Kozlov


Carlo Gozzi


A rap-fairytale for adults

Director: Galina Byzgu


Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Idiot. The Return

A phantasmagoria in three acts

Director: Grigory Kozlov

Aleksandr Vampilov

The Elder Son

A comedy in two acts

Director: Grigory Kozlov

Vyacheslav Verbin

Two Evenings
in a Merry House

A drama in two acts based on A. Kuprin’s novel “The Pit”

Director: Grigory Kozlov


Mikhail Sholokhov

And Quiet Flows
the Don

Life on a Tatar farm in two parts and four acts, based on the eponymous novel

Director: Grigory Kozlov


Mikhail Bulgakov

Days of the Turbins

A drama in two acts

Director: Grigory Kozlov

Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Brothers Karamazov

A novel in three acts

Director: Grigory Kozlov


Aleksandr Ostrovsky

Dreams of Love, or the Marriage of Balzaminov

A comedy in two acts
based on the play
"Whatever You Go For, You’ll Find"

Director: Grigory Kozlov


Venedikt Erofeev


A poem in two acts

Director: Grigory Kozlov

Mikhail Bulgakov

A Young Doctor's Notebook

Director: Grigory Kozlov

Avksenty Tsagareli

Our Avlabar

A comedy in two acts based on the play “Khanuma”

Director: Alexander Kladko


Eugène Ionesco


Director: Alexander Kladko 

Boris Vasiliev

The Dawns Here
are Quiet

A drama in two acts

Director and playwright:
Polina Nevedomskaya


Mikhail Shishkin

Letter Book

Director: Natalia Lapina

William Shakespeare

Once Upon a Time in Elsinore. Hamlet

A tragifarce in two acts

Based on William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet” in B. Pasternak’s translation

Director: Roman Gabria



The Young Guard

The Story of a Myth in Three Parts   

Directors: Maxim Didenko,

Dmitry Egorov


Ulrich Hub

At the Ark at Eight

A comedy in one act

Director: Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya

Yuri Entin, Vasily Livanov,

Gennady Gladkov

The Musicians
of Bremen

A musical adventure
for children and adults

Director: Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya

Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer

An adventure in two acts

Director: Galina Byzgu

Astrid Lindgren


A fairytale in two acts

Director: Galina Byzgu

The Brothers Grimm

A Tale
of a Fisherman,
his Wife and a Fish

An old-time story with transformations

Director: Larisa Markina


Samuil Marshak

Cat’s House

A musical play for the whole family based on S. Marshak’s fairytale

Director: Polina Nevedomskaya

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Ivan and the Devil

Director: Andrey Gorbaty


Love and Lenin

Director: Roman Gabria


Elena Erpylyova

Dialogues on
American Jazz

A monodrama with Polina Sidikhina

Director: Anna Zummer


Andrey Bitov


A Leningrad odyssey in one act

Director: Grigory Kozlov


Fernando Arrabal

Fando and Lis

Director: Ricardo Marin


Leonard Gershe

Butterflies are Free

A tragicomedy in two acts

Director: Ivan Strelkin


Albert Gurney

Love Letters

Director: Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A Gentle Creature

A fantastic story in one act

Director: Andrey Gavryushkin


The Wizard

of Emerald City

A fairytale based on the novel by Alexander Volkov

Director: Galina Byzgu


A. N. Ostrovsky’s comedy Whatever You Go For, You’ll Find, which is the basis of our production of Dreams of Love, or The Mariage of Balzaminov, is well-known among audiences. Our theatre offers a new and original take on Misha Balzaminov’s tragicomic search for a rich bride. “The production turned out to be poetic and very intimate, although the comedic elements are also very expressed… But through that farce shines an inexplicable lyric poetry.” (Inna Sklyarevskaya)


The lyrical comedy The Elder Son is one of the most popular and demanded plays of the contemporary theatre. In the Masterskaya’s production, it receives a new meaning and new sound. “The Elder Son is usually performed as  a drama of ideas or as a melodrama about loneliness. Kozlov leads his students on a path more familiar to him – comedy. And his comedy solves complex problems of existence not because it’s shallow, but because its essence is to welcome life with open arms, to rejoice in it as a miracle…” (Elena Gorfunkel)


Besides Grigory Kozlov’s productions, the theatre’s repertoire also boasts productions staged by his students, young directors of Saint Petersburg.


A Gentle Creature (directed by Andrei Gavryushkin) is staged and acted in the best traditions of psychological theatre. It received the Best Actor award at the XV International Festival of Chamber Productions of F. M. Dostoyevsky’s Work.


The drama The Dawns Here Are Quiet in Polina Nevedomskaya’s staging is, first and foremost, a story about how “the face of war is not female.” “In this idiotic world order, men contrive their meaningless, foolish and infantile fights in which for some reason young and wonderful women have to die.


Contemporary foreign drama is represented in our theatre’s repertoire by the productions of Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya (the teenage comedy At the Ark at Eight by Ulrich Hub), Ricardo Marin (the tragic clownery of Fando and Lis by the absurdist Fernando Arrabal), Liudmila Manonina (Brian Friel’s tragicomedy Afterplay, which won awards for Best Directing Debut and Best Male Role at the XVI International Christmas Parade Festival). All of these plays, well-known to western audiences, are presented in Saint Petersburg for the first time.


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