Dialogues on American Jazz

Dialogues on American Jazz. Show by The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre

Elena Erpylyova

A monodrama with Polina Sidikhina


Director: Anna Zummer

Production Designer: Ekaterina Avgustenyak


This is a timely, contemporary and hard story about how to survive in a time when everything is falling apart, when human connections are being broken off and when the cause of that destruction is you yourself. At the centre of it all is a young woman, who at her 34 years of age has expensive property, a good car, the ability to possess expensive brand-name goods, a stable income, and yet now finds life uninteresting and meaningless. “The saddest thing is to one day discover that the world suddenly stops talking to you. Completely. Everything gets jumbled up.” This show, like life itself, is funny and sad. At times the protagonist elicits judgement, at times – empathy. This story is first and foremost about the importance of love and connections between people, how much more important they are than money or a career.



The performance awarded by MONOfest-2016 (Perm) and participated in the SOLO Festival in Moscow (2015).

For audiences aged 16 and up

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes


The premiere took place on 30 May 2013

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