Dreams of Love, or the Marriage of Balzaminov

Грезы любви. Страдания юного Бальзаминова.  Спектакль театра «Мастерская» под руководством Григория Козлова, Санкт-Петербург
Aleksandr Ostrovsky

A comedy in two acts based on the play "Whatever You Go For, You’ll Find"


Director: Grigory Kozlov

Production and Costume Design: Vasiliy Semyonov, Natalya Grosheva Light Designer: Alexandr Ryazantsev

Music Direction: Andrei Yurev

The show uses music by R. Wagner, Y. Prigozhy, G. Rossini and F. Chopin


This, the final part of Ostrovsky’s trilogy about Misha Balzaminov’s search for a rich bride, has been significantly rethought by the show’s creators.


Заключительная часть трилогии о поисках Мишей Бальзаминовым богатой невесты значительно переосмыслена создателями спектакля.

“The show turned out poetic and very intimate. Although the comic elements in it are quite marked.”

Inna Sklyarevksaya in Empire of Drama


This, the final part of Ostrovsky’s trilogy about Misha Balzaminov’s search for a rich bride, has been significantly reimagined by the show’s creators.


The director explores the phenomenon of motherly love, a love that is sacrificial, all-consuming; sometimes creative and sometimes destructive…


There is an axiom that boys should be raised by men. Nevertheless, that is rarely the case. As a rule, from birth to adulthood future men are left to women. They are groomed, cherished, pampered and protected from problems. They are admired, adored and fawned over… The results of such an upbringing are lamentable – boys grow to be infantile and feminine, unprepared to make decisions or take responsibility for their actions.


Such was the case with Mishenka Balzaminov. A spoiled and capricious mama’s boy, Mishenka is absolutely not adapted to life. Warded by women from infancy, he lives in a world of dreams and illusions. However, dreams are not the worst thing that exists in this world. Thus the puerile Mishenka unexpectedly becomes not just a charming figure, but a tragic one, a “little person” swept to the wayside of life. And the director leaves the end of the show open to interpreation…


Duration: 3 hours with one intermission.


The show participated in the Petersburg Theatre Season in Marseille


Balzaminova, a widow

Balzaminov, her son

Krasavina, a matchmaker

Matryona, a cook

Chebakov, a retired officer

Raisa, a merchant’s daughter

Anfisa, a merchant’s daughter

Khimka, a maid

Belotelova, a widow

Alyona Artyomova

Maxim Studenovsky

Olga Karateeva

Alexandra Mareeva

Nikolai Kuglyant

Maria Valeshnaya

Maria Polikarpova, Polina Sidikhina

Arina Lykova, Alexandra Mareeva

Polina Vorobyova, Kseniya Morozova

and Evgeni Shumeiko

Билеты в театр «Мастерская»