Once Upon a Time in Elsinore. Hamlet

Однажды в Эльсиноре. Гамлет. Афиша спектакля

A tragifarce in two acts

Based on William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet” in B. Pasternak’s translation


Director: Roman Gabria

Production Designer: Sergei Novikov

Light Designer: Igor Tupikin

Choreography: Nikolai Kuglyant

Musical Director: Roman Gabria

Consultant for Scenic Movement: Maxim Pakhomov


Prince Hamlet returns from university in Wittenberg to the family castle in Elsinore for his father’s funeral. However, he finds himself at a wedding: his mother marries her deceased husband’s younger brother. In a dream, the young Hamlet’s father tells him that he did not die a natural death, as the newspapers said, but that he was killed in his sleep. Will the crime remain a secret or will the guilty be punished?


The action of this famous tragedy has been transposed to the mid-twentieth century, when rock and roll provoked a new stage in the eternal conflict between “fathers and children.” The bourgeois society of the 50’s, a large clan whose family ties are intertwined by crime... Among the characters of the tragifarce, Shakespeare himself and the tragedy’s translator, the poet Boris Pasternak, will appear as visions of the mad prince...


The premiere took place on April 18th, 2014.

Duration: 3 hours with one intermission. Recommended for audiences 16 and up. 


Gertrude, widow of the previous and wife of the present king

Claudius, King of Denmark

Hamlet, son of the previous king and Gertrude, nephew to Claudius

Polonius, chief advisor to the king

Polonius’s sister

Laertes, Polonius’s son

Laertes’s fiancee

Ophelia, Polonius’s daughter and Hamlet’s beloved

Rosencrantz, Hamlet’s former friend from university

Guildenstern, Hamlet’s former friend from university

Horatio, Hamlet’s imaginary friend

Reinaldo, aide to Polonius

Osric, aide to Claudius

William Shakespeare, Actor, Ghost

Boris Pasternak

Yulia Nizhelskaya

Sergei Intyakov

Evgeni Shumeiko

Vasily Shipitsyn

Kseniya Morozova

Arseniy Semyonov, Kirill Varaksa

Arina Lykova

Marina Damineva

Vladimir Kochurov

Nikolai Kuglyant

Ilya Borisov

Evgeni Perevalov

Konstantin Grishanov

Sergei Agafonov

Sergei Alimpiev 

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