Moliere. Tartuffe. The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre




Translated by Mikhail Donskoy


Moliere's play was banned by his contemporaries for offending religious sensibilities and the clergy. Tartuffe returned to the stage just five years later and it has been performed all over the world ever since.


The Masterskaya's Tartuffe isn't, of course, about clericalism. Tartuffe is an aesthete, a poet, a musician, a sybarite. It isn't really his fault that a rich bourgeois was so taken by him as to give him his estate. Tartuffe is so charming that it's impossible to suspect him of lying, let alone treachery. A subtle, refined incarnation of evil, Tartuffe enchants, subdues and triumphs, bluntly removing any obstacle in his path.


Moliere's Tartuffe is a comedy, and so is the Masterskaya's production. It starts off hilarious and, a while in, it's still hilarious. But then it suddenly and instantaneously becomes terrifying. Terrifying from an awareness of humanity's helplessness in the face of an overwhelming force; of evil's infinite power; and of the fact that, in time, Tartuffe will return, for he is eternal and inescapable.

Director – Grigory Kozlov

Stage Design – Nikolai Slobodyanik

Costume Design – Stefania Graurogkaite

Composer – Maxim Studenovsky

Musical Direction – Vladimir Bychkovsky, Maxim Studenovsky

Music Recording – Ulyana Luchkina (violin), Andrei Fando (accordion), Maxim Studenovsky (piano), Dmitri Zhitkov (drums, bass guitar)

Sound – Maria Belova

Lights – Dmitri Albul

Video – Alexander Malyshev, Fyodor Sokolov

Choreographer – Nikolai Kuglyant

French Language Coach – Valeria Milyutina

Singing Coach – Alyona Parshina, Grigory Uglov

Stage Managers – Alyona Parshina, Svetlana Povalyaeva



 Orgon – Meritorious Artist of Russia Sergei Byzgu

Madame Pernelle, his mother – Galina Byzgu, Ksenia Morozova

Elmire, his wife – Polina Vorobyova

Damis, his son – Nikolai Kuglyant

Mariane, his daughter – Marina Damineva

Valere, a young man in love with Mariana – Ivan Grigoriev, Gavriil Fedotov

Cleant, Elmire's brother – Alexei Vedernikov, Vladimir Karpov

Tartuffe, religious hypocrite – Maxim Studenovsky

Dorina, lady's maid to Mariane – Alyona Artyomova

Monsieur Loyal, a bailiff; an Officer; Flipote, Monsieur Pernelle's maid – Dmitri Zhitkov


Premiered 24 December 2016

Duration – 3 hours with one interval

For audiences aged 16 and up


The show's creators express their deep gratitude to Elena Gorfunkel, Professor of the Russian State Institute of Scenic Arts



The production was made possible through a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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