The Musicians of Bremen

Yuri Entin, Vasily Livanov, Gennady Gladkov

A musical adventure for children and adults


Genre: children’s, musical

Director: Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya

Author: Yuri Entin, Vasiliy Levanov, Gennadiy Gladkov Production Designer: Sofia Matveeva


The Musicians of Bremen is a musical adventure for children aged 6 and up and for their parents based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale and the eponymous Russian cult cartoon. It is a show about love, friendship and art, which, as we know, always triumphs.


A group of poor musicians play a concert in a palace. The king and his entourage enjoy it so much that the musicians are invited to stay in the palace and play at court regularly. Their vagabond days of wandering hungry and always in want are over! But the spark of love between the Princess and Troubadour will not allow these dreams to come true...



Young and old audiences will not only watch the events on stage unfold and sing along as the actors perform songs loved by all; they’ll be able to participate directly in the story and help the Princess and Troubadour find happiness. And they can help others find happiness also...


Audiences are in store for a bright, interactive show with music, song and dance. And, of course, a happy ending. Just the way a fairy tale should be.


The premiere took place on March 24th, 2012.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes with no intermission. For children aged five and above and their parents.


The Troubadour

The Princess





The King



Bandits, Guards, Courtiers

Vladimir Karpov, Mikhail Kasapov, Evgeni Shumeiko

Anna Arefyeva, Alyona Artyomova, Arina Lykova

Vladimir Studenovsky, Dmitri Zhidkov

Nikolai Kuglyant

Vladimir Kochurov, Maxim Studenovsky

Konstantin Grishanov, Mikhail Kasapov

Oleg Abalyan, Alexei Vedernikov, Ilya Shorokhov

Sergei Alimpiev, Kseniya Morozova, Arseniy Semyonov

Serafima Verkholat (saxophone), Dina Gederte (flute, saxophone)

Oleg Abalyan, Alexei Vedernikov, Konstantin Grishanov,
Vladimir Karpov, Mikhail Kasapov, Maxim Studenovsky,
Ilya Shorokhov 

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