1 Narodnaya Ulitsa,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Administrative Director
Mikhail Barsegov
Deputy Director
Alexander Ryazantsev
The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre Repertoire

At the Ark at Eight

Ulrich Hub

A comedy in one act

Translated from the German by Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya and Johann Bott

A dove brings this news to three penguins residing on a glacier in cold Antarctica who spend their time arguing: God is tired of the constant strife between people and animals and has decided to flood the Earth. The penguins are faced with a problem: how can they all get on Noah’s ark when they have only two tickets between the three of them?

In 2006 a German publishing house offered theatres the opportunity to stage productions for children about religion. Ulrich Hub, a German actor, director and playwright, took up the story of the Flood. He used it as the setting for a story about friendship, love for one’s fellow man, faith and faithlessness, and his play immediately achieved recognition and won an award for the best German play for children. And yet its subject matter turned out to be so much greater than a children’s play would normally allow that At the Ark at Eight has been staged with huge success by “adult” theatres in Europe and Russia.

The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre’s young actors put on a dynamic, bold and funny show in which they joyfully and delicately – and without ever becoming didactic or moralizing – search for answers to questions that trouble many.

The premiere took place on October 14th, 2010.
Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes with no intermission. Recommended for audiences aged 12 and up.

The show has participated in the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.

Director – Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya
Production and Costume Designer – Sonya Matveeva
Light Designer – Alexandr Ryazantsev
Musical Director – Ekaterina Nikolaeva