1 Narodnaya Ulitsa,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Administrative Director
Mikhail Barsegov
Deputy Director
Alexander Ryazantsev
The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre Repertoire

Three Sisters. A Game of Soldiers

Based on the play by A.P. Chekhov and biographies of the Bronte sisters

Sisters – Irina, Masha and Olga – and their brother Andrei a year after their father's death. Irina's birthday. It is as if they are trying to reassemble their world from the shards. The voices of the guests. Who really came to their house for the birthday party? Maybe this is not reality, but just a game of soldiers?
Years pass. The box of toys from their childhood is sometimes back on the table. And the voices that come nearer and farther away. Did it really happen to them? With Irina, Masha, Olga and Andrei? Or were they themselves only characters in an eternal plot of unfulfilled dreams?

Chekhovian polyphony of plot lines, love failures, dreams. An alarming and at the same time sweet attempt to look into the future.

Premiere – April 17, 2021
Duration – 1 hour and 35 minutes without intermission
For audiences 16 years and older


  • Director – Marina Solopchenko
  • Artist – Emil Kapelush
  • Musical design – Anatoly Gonier
  • Lighting – Maxim Ahrameev
  • Video – Alexander Malyshev
  • Assistant Director – Valeria Vasilkova

The Theater would like to thank Renat Shavaliev and Pavel Kolotilov for their help in the preparation of the performance.