1 Narodnaya Ulitsa,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Administrative Director
Mikhail Barsegov
Deputy Director
Alexander Ryazantsev
The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre Repertoire


A stage fantasy based on the short story by Shichiro Fukazawa

Grandmother O-Rin has long thought that it is time for her to go to the god Narayama, but things do not let her go: her son is widowed, her grandson is out of hand, who will take over the household, the house, the order in the family if O-Rin leaves. And O-Rin does not leave, keeps the hearth, instructs his grandson, looks for a new wife for his son, lives the life of his village, dreaming of how he will finish his business and go to eternal rest on a snowy mountain. And her son Tatsuhei, who adores his mother, awaits that day with fear. He is torn between the need to pay his last debt to her - to escort her to the mountain - and the passionate desire for a long life for her.
Michael Cherniak sets the Japanese novel as an eternal parable about love - filial and maternal, the strongest in the world. To transcend yourself for the happiness and peace of the one you love more than yourself - that is the essence and meaning of the story unfolding near the strange and terrible Narayama Mountain, the essence and meaning of human life, the essence and meaning of existence.

Premiere – May 17, 2018
Duration – 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission
For audiences of 16 years and older


  • Translation by G. Ronskaya
  • Staging and staging – Mikhail Chernyak, star of Russia
  • Space – Nikolai Slobodyanik
  • Costumes – Nina Shterenberg
  • Music – Yury Turchin
  • Lighting – Maxim Ahrameev
  • Plastics – Nikolay Kuglyant
  • Rhythms – Dmitry Zhitkov
  • Assistant directors – Valeria Vasilkova, Ekaterina Zatolokina, Alexandra Gayevaya

The Theater thanks the professor emeritus Jyochi University (Tokyo, Japan) Mr. Yukiyoshi Inoue for help in staging the performance.