1 Narodnaya Ulitsa,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Administrative Director
Mikhail Barsegov
Deputy Director
Alexander Ryazantsev
The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre Repertoire

А Hedgehog, a Bear and a Hare

Based on the fairy tales of Sergei Kozlov

For adults

The performance is based on Sergei Kozlov's fairy tales about nature, beauty, mysteries and the unexpectedness of life. The hedgehog proposes to see beauty in ordinary and familiar things - in silence, familiar places, and even in ordinary twigs. The bear cub, with all his openness and sincerity, tries to feel everything that his friend Hedgehog tells and shows, and they succeed in every idea. Bunny, in his turn, is not always ready to accept the miracle that happens right before his eyes, but he tries to trust his friends and comes face to face with inexplicable mysteries. Maxim Fomin's play touches on ordinary, important themes. Heroes by the example of their story show how sometimes it is necessary to trust the circumstances, how valuable friendship, attention and attitude to what is happening around. Young and adult viewers will have the opportunity to see how you can learn to be happy in this not always understandable and ideal world.

For children

The most amazing adventures will happen in our story with the Bunny. He will try to run away from the fall and climb a star, but he will fail and fall from the sky. But Hedgehog and Bear will see him and save him. Then the Hedgehog and the Bear will start to create beauty from twigs, the Hare will laugh at them and his friends will invite him to walk with them along the moon path to teach him a lesson. Bunny will be very scared, will be left alone on the island and will meet someone who is never seen and who is everywhere. After that, Hedgehog and Little Bear tell him simple rules about the most important things, and he goes to fulfill them. Little Bear will sew leaves from the birch tree with thread to the branches, having guessed it in his dream. The animals will silently sing a Scottish ballad, and Bunny will never understand why he was happy. But he will tell all the others about it, because - in case they understand it.

Premiere – May 21, 2023
Duration – 50 minutes
For audiences from 6 years old


  • Director – Maxim Fomin
  • Artist – Nikolay Slobodyanik
  • Lighting – Maxim Akhrameev, Yulia Bershak
  • Musical design – Sergey Leonov
  • Assistant Director – Ekaterina Egorova