1 Narodnaya Ulitsa,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Administrative Director
Mikhail Barsegov
Deputy Director
Alexander Ryazantsev
The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre Repertoire


Nina Dashevskaya. Almost fantastic story

A half-tale, half-fairy tale about miracles that surround everyone – you just need to see them – about little dreamers who create worlds with the power of their imagination, about mysterious creatures that can become friends to the one who is not afraid to open his heart to a real miracle.
Sevka is an ordinary schoolboy, a simple boy. Except that he is a fantasist, of which there are few – maybe because his ordinary mom and dad named him after Johann Sebastian Bach...? Sevka receives a bicycle named Willie as a gift from a strange girl who lives on a strange street that can't be found on city maps. Willie, who speaks to those who can and want to hear him, opens up to Sevka many roads to worlds never seen before. Worlds that actually make up the whole world. A distant mill, a neglected forest, a dump of discarded toys turn in Sevka's eyes into the world of giants, the world of forest dwellers, the world of lost things, and in each world Sevka discovers something new that will allow him to understand more the reality in which he actually lives. With the appearance of Willy, everything changes in this reality, Sevka makes friends, experiences his first love and rejoices at his father's return from a distant business trip.

Maxim Studenovsky makes the center of the story – the child's view. A small person's view of the big world, which dictates its laws to children. The child hides from the world in a fairy tale, which he invents for himself, but he composes this fairy tale on the basis of reality, drawing material for it from life and transferring some fairy tale laws into everyday life. The story of the boy Sevka and his iron friend is a story of learning the world, the path of a little man to accept himself in the world and the world in himself.

"Willie" – a fairy tale for little dreamers. It will support in moments of longing and despair, it will prompt ways to gain confidence in themselves, in their own strength, in the inexhaustibility of parental love, in the truth of true friendship.

The performance includes fragments of works by I.S. Bach, F. Mendelssohn, T. de Quincey, J. Torogud.

Premiere – December 24, 2022
Duration – 1 hour 20 min without intermission
For audiences from 12 years old


  • Director Maxim Studenovsky
  • Artist Tatiana Danashevskaya
  • Lighting Designer Maxim Ahrameev
  • Choreographer Robert Studenovsky
  • Musical arrangement Maxim Studenovsky, Andrey Didik
  • Music recording:
  • Guitar Andrey Didik
  • Piano Maxim Studenovsky
  • Drums Robert Studenovsky
  • Sound engineer Alexander Larionov
  • Assistant director Ekaterina Egorova